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Automotive and Aviation Engineers are being offered alternative career paths thanks to a new ‘Shifting Gears’ initiative which is being led by Innopharma Education and HERO Recruitment.

Both companies are award-winning organisations established within the Education, Training and Recruitment sphere, with over 30 years of combined experience.

They have joined forces to support engineers to develop new careers in the biopharma and medical device sectors. Working together they have identified areas of the economy impacted by declining markets, in particular, the aviation and automotive industries which have also been particularly hit by the Covid 19 crisis.

Skilled engineers from these sectors, who may have recently become unemployed, have significant and valuable transferable experience which can cross over very well into the regulated world of biopharma and medical device manufacturing.

Innopharma and HERO’s ‘Shifting Gears’ initiative, is focussed on working with these engineers who have gained valuable experience in the compliance and regulatory-driven world of Automotive and Aviation, to help them transition into the next stage in their career.

The Shifting Gears website allows engineers to register and explore new possibilities regarding employment and education opportunities in pharma and med-tech industries.

“HERO recruitment has over 23 years of recruitment experience of working closely with global manufacturing organisations. Our experience has shown how well these technical Engineering skills transfer well into FDA regulated companies such as Medical Devices and (Bio) Pharma” says Roisin McNamara from HERO.

According to Mary Jo Parker of Innopharma “Our goal is to help people see the opportunities that are available to them. Shifting Gears was created to show the potential career pathways that are now open and how talented individuals can similarly develop new exciting careers within these industries. With the many changes happening around the world, initiatives like this help refocus individuals so they can see the value and relevance their skills have, not just to related to their past employment but more importantly, looking forward to their future and how they can adapt to new thriving sectors.”

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